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Hey Friends,

We have been having a BLAST on this tour!  Not only have we hit it off with The Wombats and Life in Film we have made new friends in every city we’ve played so far. We’re playing in bigger venues then we could have imagined and feel very comfortable in them. That’s probably because we’ve been welcomed with open arms in every town so far, so thanks!  That’s really special for us.

If you notice a bearded fellow with us in some pictures that’s our friend Justin Robinson.  He’s come along to tour manage and do sound for us, and he’s been such a big help!

Our drummer Carl had a birthday last week which ended up becoming a jacuzzi party as some of you Snapchatters may have seen. Our singer Joey has one coming up this Saturday (Denver) so make sure to wish him a happy birthday…bonus points if you get him a birthday drink!

Also, we are really looking forward to putting out our Debut Record The Sunshine of Your Youth May 19th on Bright Antenna Records.  We think you guys are going to love it!

Thank you so much for all of the praise and support you have given us.  And for those of you who plan on making an upcoming show please come say hi and hang out with us.  We’re into it.